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HUMBLE BEGINNINGS In 1832, John A. Roebling of Mulhausen Germany purchased Saxonburg with a vision to create a German community in America whose foundation would be agriculture and light manufacturing. Roebling laid out this land with a broad main street running east to west with the parcels fronting on Main Street. The parcels were sold to Mulhausen families who ventured to America to seek fortune. Roebling, in his Saxonburg shop, developed and patented the process for the manufacture of "wire rope" in 1842. This led to Roebling finding fame and fortune as a designer and builder of suspension bridges such as the “Brooklyn Bridge” throughout the world. The late 1840's saw Roebling's cable in high demand. To meet demand and access better transportation the "Cable Works" was moved to Trenton, New Jersey. The oil boom in Western Pennsylvania prospered in the 1880's. "Golden City," a boom town one mile west of Saxonburg, appeared rapidly on the country side, and like other boom towns, disappeared as quickly as it came. Saxonburg of the 20th Century served as a weekend getaway for Pittsburgh families, offering spacious land along with clean fresh air. John A. Roebling's vision still lives today in Saxonburg with a blend of agriculture and light manufacturing. Self determination, innovation, and industriousness planted by the early founders continue to serve the descendants of the families who advanced to America with Roebling. Hotel Saxonburg grew up with the community. It was known as the Vogley House until 1863 when it was purchased by E.F. Muder and renamed the Union Hotel. Francis Laube purchased the Union and renamed it the Laube House which it remained until the end of the 1800's. The Gentile family owned and operated the "Hotel" for 54 years. The new owner, Judy Ferree, purchased and renovated the "Hotel" in July of 2010, bringing back Executive Chef Alan Green.
RESTAURANT Our reputation as a local Saxonburg landmark is just one of the many accolades that The Hotel Saxonburg has acquired. Throughout Western Pennsylvania and beyond we are known to be one of the most unique, tasty, and satisfying establishments that our customers have ever been to. Lead by Executive Chef Al Green, The Hotel Saxonburg offers a menu of fresh culinary excellence at a reasonable price. Daily, we are honored to receive compliments on our cuisine, the service with which it is served, and gratitude for our value. Casual elegance is our motto and we strive to make everyone feel at home. Here will you find a pleasant aura of class, elegance, and comfort. With five different dining areas we are pleased and able to accommodate everyone from you and your date to your whole family or business for private dining. In the warmer months, we also are pleased to serve you on our outdoor patio which will sweep you away from the rest of the world. Don’t take our word for it though; visit The Hotel Saxonburg to find out more for yourself and be sure to follow our events calendar on our website and social media to stay on top of what’s happening here!
BAR AREA The legendary bar at The Hotel Saxonburg is…well…legendary! All of our bar customers from regulars to visitors, middle-aged to millennial, and friends to families, will attest to the fun and pleasant experience of The Hotel Saxonburg Bar. Step through the doorway and you will find folks from all walks of life having a great time together. Offering all of your favorite drinks, made perfectly, our bar staff is here to ensure that you both enjoy yourself and come back frequently! When you do, they will remember you and your drink. Our bar is big enough to please and small enough to care!


THE HOTEL Yes, the Hotel Saxonburg is still a hotel! It is not your typical hotel, however. We could use this space to describe all of the details about this home away from home but no text or pictures can do it justice. Take a step back in time and stay in one of our spacious comfortable rooms with the most luxurious of amenities. Whether you plan on a simplistic night out with a stay here after dinner, need a romantic getaway, plan on traveling to the area for business, or are part of a party coming in from out of town, it is our pleasure to accommodate you. We love the company! Learn more about booking your stay under the "Stay Here" tab.

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